The real estate market is ever changing and whether you are buying your first home, selling or investing for the future, you need to work with a Realtor that you trust!

SAXE was founded by Marian and Jules Saxe back in 1938 in the Sunset District of San Francisco and their goal was to provide their customers with the finest real estate service possible giving special attention to the personal needs of each consumer. Today Saxe provides full real estate services to San Francisco, Northern San Mateo County and certain East Bay cities.

When experiences counts, Saxe is there! The majority of Saxe Associates and Brokers have been with the company for decades and many began their real estate career at Saxe. Yes, some began back in the 60’s and even though everything today has become high tech the experience of time makes a difference when buying, selling or investing in real property.


Our leasing services include a formal rental analysis, advertising and marketing, property showings, thorough tenant screening, lease and move-in paperwork, and the keys and funds exchange.




Property management is a complex and time-consuming activity. From changes in governmental regulations to the countless niggling worries such as late-paying tenants and endless requests for improvement, such demands can overwhelm even the mosts seasoned property owner.

Among the many services we provide…

  • Rent collection and accounting – With modern accounting systems and a dedicated staff we provide fast and accurate accounting of receipts and disbursements and monthly reports.
  • Repairs and maintenance – Any work on your property is supervised by our staff to ensure that the repairs are performed in a correct and timely manner. You also benefit from our mass buyer power for discounted supplies and services.
  • Tenant acquisition and management – We lease more homes in San Francisco than any other Realtor® and utilize an extensive advertising network. Our experienced staff are trained to professionally negotiate and screen in “art” of tenant selection. We will continue to manage that relationship for the duration of their stay and ensure a smooth transition upon move-out.
  • Property improvement – A well maintained investment property results in increased value. Upon request, we inspect your property, arrange for routine maintenance and provide recommendations to assist in the planning and expenditure process.
  • Marketing plans – Increasing operational costs and changes in the market require constant attention. From changes in rent control laws to changes in the economic cycle, we adjust as required to maximize the income on your property. Aside fromdaily advice and consultation, we also provide appraisal services.

Providing all of these services to our customers allows us to simplify your life and provide the most comprehensive professional service in San Francisco.