Move-out Checklist

If you desire to terminate your tenancy agreement, please provide our office with a written notice of your desire to terminate your lease and vacate your unit. We will confirm receipt.

In your written notice, please tell us:

  • Date and time of move-out
  • When and where you will return your keys.
  • Your forwarding address and phone number

We want to give you an opportunity to maximize the possibility of receiving your entire security deposit back, which is why we tell you what we will be looking for when we leave. We hope you find that this makes your move out a little easier. After you have left, we will inspect the unit and we will forward your deposit, less any itemized deduction within 21 days of receiving the keys.

For some people, cleaning the unit after a move can be overwhelming with the other priorities that must be addressed during a move.

Some items will need to be repaired or replaced upon your vacating of the premises. Often this is due to normal wear and tear such as having lived in the apartment for more than a year and new paint is required or the tile in the bathroom needs new grout. Those items are the responsibility of the owner.

Our job is to help you with your transition as much as possible and to minimize the expense incurred by either party by adhering to reasonable standards.

We appreciate your choice to rent from Saxe Property Management and enjoy getting to know the tenants who have been with us many years. We are sorry to see you go and wish you all the best in your new transition.

Feel free to call us in the future if you need to rent, buy or sell property in San Francisco or San Mateo. Perhaps we will see you again!

Vacancy Inspection Report

Date keys returned: __________________________

All floors without carpeting should be scrubbed, paying special attention to walls and corners. There should not be any new scratches or damage to the flooring.

Carpets should be vacuumed, paying special attention to walls and corners. Any stains should be removed and the carpet free of odor.

All nails and other objects protruding from the walls must be removed. The holes need to be patched. And if the paint needs a touch-up, stores can usually match paint from a small sample.

Dust the doors, windows sills, baseboards and heaters. Wash dirt and marks off the walls and other surface areas. Give special attention to light switches and doors knobs.

Closets should be completely empty of hangers or other such items. The shelves should be dusted.

Drapes/Blinds/Window Coverings
Dust and wipe the blinds. Try using a vacuum cleaner if you have a special round brush attachment. The windows will need to be cleaned inside and out, unless cleaning the outside would be unsafe. There should be no cracks nor broken glass or hardware. If such a condition existed before move-in, it should have been noted in writing.

Kitchen Area
The entire kitchen area should be wiped down with a degreasing agent. The refrigerator must be defrosted and turned off. The inside should be wiped clean of any stains or water, paying special attention to the drawers and the top of the fridge. The oven and stove top should be completely clean of dirt, grease and burned food matter. If the broiler pans cannot be cleaned, then they must be replaced. All kitchen appliances should function and will be tested.

Walls and ceilings must be free of mold and mildew. Toilet, shower and bathtub should be thoroughly scrubbed and no soap scum should be left behind or hair in the drain. The insides of the cabinets should be emptied, and the shelves wiped down. Condition of the bathroom will be noted for chips in fixtures or tile or degraded grout.

Light fixtures
Be sure the fixtures are not broken and that all light bulbs function. The light fixtures should also be free of grease and dust.

Be sure that the locks and hardware are not broken and that all doors with keylocks have keys that function.

Rear and front yard
Yards that do not have a gardener to care for the grounds and are for the exclusive enjoyment of the tenant, is the responsibility of the tenant. Make sure that the plants and grass are trimmed and any dead foliage or other debris is removed from the property.

These areas must be completely cleared of personal property and debris. Be sure arrangements have been made with the garbage service to remove your trash. If it remains, you be charged for removal. Garages that have oil stains need to have the floor treated with a special cleaner that dissolves and removes greasy residue.

Returning Keys & Possession of Premises

After all your personal property is removed from the premises and it is clean and ready for our inspection, all keys are to be turned in to our Property Management Office. Note that as long as the keys are in your possession, your tenancy is not ended. You are responsible for rent on a prorated basis until all keys are returned.

Tenants with Pets

In the rare event that you had a pet, there are special considerations on moving out, such as assuring that there are no animal smells in the carpet, no feces anywhere on the property and the unit MUST be rid of fleas.

In order to rid the unit of fleas, you have two choices;

  • Provide proof that you bombed the unit twice and vacuumed thoroughly between bombings (especially walls and corners).


  • You hired a flea removal service. If you need a recommendation we will be happy to provide you one.

Explanations such as “I never saw fleas” or “I wash my cat frequently” are not acceptable. If a new tenant moves in and finds fleas, you are liable and will be charged for defleeing the unit. In that case you may be charged at much as $400.

Also be sure that no damage is caused by your pets such as chewing the cabintry or scratching holes in the walls or carpet.

Having pets is a big responsibility and it is understandable why property owners don’t want tenants with pets.

If you were allowed to have a pet at this property, keeping it free of damage from pets will assure that the next person seeking a home that will take their pet will be welcome at the place you just left!